Lock Down Your Course Legally

with lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd

If you're an online course creator, digital educator, instructor, or content creator looking to button up your business legally, and be sure you've actually got the right protections in place, then you already know that you need legal guidance. You know you can't just ignore rules and regulations like international privacy laws (GDPR), and required disclaimers and disclosures.

You already know you need solid contracts with your students, contractors and guest experts, and affiliates.

You've seen that the most successful online course businesses have custom, professional legal documents on their websites.

And you know that as your business grows, you'll need a lawyer to answer your questions or help you solve problems.

Here's what you might not know

Having the right legal protections in place for your business means:


You'll know your online course has exactly the right protections in place right now for your stage of business, and have the tools to add more advanced protections as your business grows.  Spend your hard-earned money on only the things you need, created by a lawyer who understands your business and isn’t just trying to finance her next Lamborghini with your legal fees.


After completing your step-by-step legal checklist, you can be confident you're totally covered, and move forward with big, bold moves in your business


No more wondering if those legal documents you borrowed from a friend will actually hold up for your business.  You'll feel secure that your shiny new legal documents contain the right legal terms, and you didn't leave off any critical protections.


Rest easily, knowing you'll be legally covered when a problem inevitably comes up (they always do!).  You'll have less fear of the unknown after learning about the legal protections your business really needs.  You'll know what the worst case scenarios could be, and how to avoid them.


You'll have experienced lawyers on hand as you fill in your legal documents to ask questions, so you can be sure you've completed them correctly and understand any legalese.  And, as your business grows, you'll have continued access to legal guidance from the lawyers who support the most successful online course businesses.  

Michelle Hardman - The Primed Practice

I was feeling overwhelmed by getting my online course business set up legally. The Legal Road Map®®️ for Online Course Creators contract template bundle gave me confidence that the terms of use, privacy policy, and user agreement for my online course are all legally sound and will protect me and my business. And if I had questions, it was so easy to get answers either during the regular office hours calls or in the Legal Road Map®️® Facebook group. Thanks for all your help, Autumn!

Even though the reasons to protect your business legally are obvious, the path to actually implementing these protections is anything but.  

Lock down my course legally? Great.  

But where do I even start?

You’ve crafted your copy, filmed your videos, finalized your modules, and fine-tuned your funnel.

You know you need to cover your legal bases for your course business, and you've already tried to figure it out on your own.

You've spent hours searching the internet, but couldn't find anything about legal specifically for creative online businesses.  

You contacted your state's business office to ask questions, but they were no help.

You've asked your friends to borrow their legal documents, but you're pretty sure they've left out crucial language that is leaving you open to issues down the road.

If you're a real go-getter you've purchased legal templates, but after filling them out on your own, you're still not sure you have the correct things in place.

Maybe you even called a local lawyer your friend recommended, but he was way too expensive for your budget, and doesn't know anything about digital marketing.

You just can't figure out what your business really needs legally, or who can help.

It's no wonder  you can't figure out what legal protections your business really needs.  

You're a busy entrepreneur wearing all the hats.  

In addition to working one-on-one with clients and creating content (which you love!) you're handling all the day-to-day admin of running an online business, and trying to build new revenue streams with your course.  You're working nights and weekends now, but you don't want to do that forever.  

You're putting in the hard work now so you can reap the rewards of your course business for years to come.  

But you didn't go to law school.  It's not your fault you have no idea where to begin with legal.

If you could just figure out what you really need to do legally, and get some help to make sure you don't mess it up, you could mark legal off your to-do list and get back to the fun parts of your business.  

The Four  Reasons Why
You Haven't Locked Your Course Down Yet 
(and why you are 100% capable of getting this done NOW)

1) Legal is too complicated for me to handle; it's just a big grey area.

It's true that legal can be complicated (that's why I get paid the big bucks for my one-on-one work!).  

But for most online businesses, there are only a few essential legal documents that you really need.  And they're fairly simple to customize for your particular business.

The good news is that, with the right guidance, you're totally capable of putting the right legal protections in place for your business.  

2) Legal help is way too expensive for me to afford.

Did I mention I get paid the big bucks by my multimillion dollar clients?  If you've talked to a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property or online business law, you've probably gotten sticker shock.

I won't go into why we charge so much, but suffice to say if you're working on a business deal in the seven figures, it's well worth spending a few thousand dollars to make sure you're legally locked down.

However, most entrepreneurs simply don't need costly one-on-one legal advice.

And if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and fill in a few blanks, you can have the same legal protections in place that the big boys and girls paid me very well to write for them.  

3) There aren't any lawyers who know how to help creative online businesses. 

This may have been true in the past, but it's not any more.

I started my own law firm in 2015 and was gobsmacked to see that creatives simply had no legal resources available.  

Since that time, I've created all the resources I wished existed for online businesses.  

As I've now worked one-on-one with well over 200 online educators, coaches, podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, designers, photographers, and other creative entrepreneurs, I've taken their hard legal lessons learned and put together checklists, worksheets, and customizable document templates that with you in mind.

I know the challenges, struggles, and opportunities that exist for online businesses firsthand.  

Not only do I work with online entrepreneurs, I run my own digital product business (the one you're checking out right now!).  

Rest assured that I understand how your business works, and can help you put the correct legal protections in place to make sure you don't face unwelcome surprises.

4)   I'm not far enough along in my business to need to worry about legal yet

Even if your course hasn't launched yet, you can still gain massive benefits from locking down your business legally.  

Honestly, the best time to get your legal ducks in a row is in the beginning.

Once you start getting into launches, webinars, writing evergreen funnels, and setting up Facebook ads, it can be harder to find the time to sit down and check off your legal tasks.

You can start with just the basic legal documents you need for your course business, and add the more complex and advanced documents later when your business needs them.

We were having trouble with Facebook ad approval because of issues with the terms and conditions and privacy policy on our website. With Autumn’s help, we were able to increase our ad approval rate by having the right policies on our site.

Even though legal isn't easy, it doesn't have to be overwhelming.

With the right tools and guidance, you can mark legal off your to do list, and get your online course business's legal bases totally covered.  

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a magic wand you can wave to button up all your contracts?  Or a legal fairy who would to transform your website so that it's GDPR-compliant, overnight!  As I wish they existed, unfortunately there fairy tale characters do not exist.  Nope, there are no garden gnomes who set up your affiliate program while you go out for a nice cup of coffee.

You're too smart for me to try to convince you I can make legal "easy" for your business.  There's a reason I paid 6 figures + for my fancy law degree from a top 20 law school -- legal can be complicated.

But, even though it's not easy, you'll find there is a clear path forward to locking down your course content, brand, and business.  

One that allows you to get your website legally compliant, without spending hours going down the internet rabbit hole for what you really need to do. 

One that doesn't require you to figure out how to write a contract from scratch.

And one that will allow you to confidently scale your profitable course business using solid agreements with your contractors and affiliates, that don't leave you open to unexpected problems.

The key ingredient to all of this is a combination of the right tools, plus expert guidance to make sure you're using them the right way. 

And, with your permission, I'd love to show you how you can lock down your course business, quickly and affordably, and without a bunch of legalese.


Legal Road Map® to Protect Your Online Course  

with lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd

You build it up...We help you lock it down

I've taken everything I learned from working one-on-one with nearly 300 creative entrepreneurs (including rock stars like Amy Porterfield, Chalene Johnson, and Melyssa Griffin) and distilled it into a step-by-step road map to get your course business legally secure.  

Not only does this package provide you with the five essential legal documents you need to protect your business, you also receive guidance to be sure you're using them the right way for your business.

This package isn't just going to teach you what you need to do.  It actually provides the tools you need to implement legal for your website, course, and collaborations.  

Yes, you'll learn the crucial legal steps and documents you need to take at each stage of building your course business.  But more importantly, you'll receive guides on how to fill out your legal documents the right way.  And, you'll get feedback from the go to lawyers in the online space, who will answer your questions and clear up any confusion about locking down your course, content, brand, and business.

The end result: You will have all of your legal ducks in a row, and you'll be ready to grow the profitable, sustainable business of your dreams.  

Legal Road Map®® to Protect Your Online Course is the only package of its kind that...

    You'll know your online course has exactly the right protections in place right now for your stage of business, and have the tools to add more advanced protections as your business grows.

    Don't worry about having to guess whether you're filling out your legal documents correctly.  Not only do your documents contain prompts to help you decide how to fill them out.  You'll also receive a video walk-through of each document that provides guidance about what each term means in plain English, how different types of businesses might fill in the blanks, and what sections might not apply to your business.

    Even after watching the video guide and working through your documents on your own, you may still have questions:

    Did I complete your documents correctly?
    Do I really need this paragraph?  
    What does this legalese mean?

    This is what truly sets this package apart.  You will have lifetime access to our lawyers for information about your legal documents, and answers to general legal questions to help you grow your business.

    When you work with most lawyers one-on-one, you have no idea what the final cost will be until the project is complete, when you receive their hourly bill.  With this package, you know the cost up front so you can budget and plan for it (and it's a fraction of what you would pay for custom versions of these documents plus getting your questions answered by an expert).

So if you're ready to button up your business legally, without confusion or lawyer fees that break the bank, here's how:

The truth is, every online course creator needs the same five legal safeguards, plus guidance to actually use them:

Legal Road Map

Step-by-step legal plan for course creators

You can't start your legal journey without a road map showing you where to go.

You'll develop your own legal plan with our exclusive checklist and video guide. You'll learn the 5 key legal documents all online business owners need, and why these protections matter. You'll find out worst case scenarios, and how to avoid them. And, you'll see how top course creators protect their own course businesses, legally.

Cost for custom lawyer-created legal plan: $750+


Website privacy policy (required by law!)

New privacy laws in the US and EU not only require that you have a privacy policy posted on your website, but also require that it include specific legal terms. 

If you borrowed your privacy policy from a friend, or wrote your own a few years ago, it probably is not compliant with current legal requirements.  And that could mean huge financial penalties for your business.

Your privacy policy tells your visitors and students how you will store, use, and share their personal information.  This builds trust from the moment someone visits your website. 

You'll receive your policy by email in Word format for easy customization. You'll also have lifetime access to download our most current version by signing in to our online platform.

You'll walk through how to complete your policy step by step with a video guide.  Once you've completed and posted your privacy policy on your website, your privacy policy will comply with the May 2018 update to EU privacy laws (GDPR).

Cost for custom lawyer-created document: $1500+


Website terms and conditions & disclaimers

How would you feel if someone copied images from your website, or the text in your best-performing blog post?  

Your website needs clear rules that tell visitors how they can, and can’t, use and share your content, and what happens if they leave comments.  We call these website terms and conditions.  

You'll receive your T&C by email in Word format for easy customization. You'll also have lifetime access to download our most current version by signing in to our online platform.

You'll complete your own website T&C with a simple video overview that explains each protection.

You'll also create disclaimers to limit your potential for being sued if your website includes medical, exercise or fitness, nutrition, business, legal, or tax information.

And, you'll write your own disclosures that are required by law about any relationships, like sponsors or related companies, that may influence your content.

Cost for custom lawyer-created document: $1500+


Online course, membership, and digital product terms of use - your contract with your students

If I had to choose THE most important protection for your course, this would be it.  

Your terms of use are your contract with your students.  

You will protect your revenue stream by crafting a clear, easy to understand, terms of use your purchasers read before hitting the "BUY NOW" button.  

Clear TOU will avoid problems later, like a student copying your course materials, canceling their payment method, or causing problems in your community.

You'll create your own TOU with important terms like payment plans, refund policy, how they may use and share your course content, community rules, permission to use student feedback in testimonials, what happens if a student stops paying, and much more.

You'll also be covered with disclaimers if one of your students has a bad outcome (critical protection if your course involves medical, exercise or fitness, nutrition, business, legal, or tax topics).

You'll receive your TOU by email  in Word format for easy customization. You'll also have lifetime access to download our most current version by signing in to our online platform.

After viewing your video guide, you'll know what sections of your TOU template can be deleted because they don't apply to your business, and which are absolutely essential.

Cost for custom lawyer-created document: $3000+


Independent contractor agreement

Not all of us have the right skills or tools to create all the content we want to include in our online course.  It’s likely you’ll get a little help with creating your course from guest experts, photographers or videographers, graphic designers, or copywriters.  

But who owns what?  Who's paying whom? You want to be clear about your work together from the start.

Your independent contractor agreement will make sure you get what you pay for and that you own all the intellectual property rights (this is not automatic!). 

You'll receive your agreement by email  in Word format for easy customization. You'll also have lifetime access to download our most current version by signing in to our online platform.

With your video blueprint, you'll understand the difference between a non-compete and non-disclosure term, and which one might work best for you.  You'll also understand how to obtain all rights in the content your collaborators create.

Cost for custom lawyer-created document: $3000+


Affiliate or Referral Program agreement

Now for the cherry on top of your course business sundae.

After you've built a successful course, you'll be ready to set yourself up for massive growth with an affiliate or referral program. 

Affiliate programs can feel overwhelming, because there are so many choices about how to structure them.

You'll receive clear guidance about best practices in the video outline.  

Your affiliate commission agreement will protect your brand and digital assets while making sure you and your affiliates are on the same page about payment and promotional terms.  

And it will help you determine what decisions you need to make about technology and your overall program structure before you launch it.

You'll receive your TOU by email in Word format for easy customization. You'll also have lifetime access to download our most current version by signing in to our online platform.

Cost for custom lawyer-created document: $3000+


Exclusive training and resources:

Protect your brand and content with copyrights and trademarks

You've got questions about how you can actually protect your one-of-a-kind course content and brand, and prevent someone else from copying them.

In this bonus, you'll learn:

* the difference between copyrights and trademarks

* why, and when you may (or may not) want to register your copyrights and trademarks with the U.S. government

* how to protect your rights even without registering them

* how to avoid violating other people's intellectual property rights unintentionally

* how to choose a solid course or business name now, so that you can actually protect when you're ready

* how to run your own trademark search to be sure no one else is already using your course or business name

You'll receive video guidance plus worksheets and swipe copy to help you actually lock down your IP.

Cost for lawyer to advise and protect your intellectual property: $3,000+


Deal with students who stop paying - including swipe copy!

The whole reason you started this course business was to turn a profit, and build a predictable revenue stream, right?

Students who flake on payment plans or cancel their credit cards can throw a major wrench in your profit equation.

With your cheat sheet on how to deal with students who stop paying, you'll have the tools you need to handle these situations, with grace.

You'll receive my gradual process for turning up the heat on a student who has breached their promise to pay.

The best part? Swipe copy you can copy and paste into your own emails or letters, to escalate your tone and show you are serious about collecting payment.

Cost to hire a lawyer to deal with students who stop paying: $250 / hour+

Guidance + Support

You don't have to figure this out on your own.

With your Legal Road Map® package, you'll receive three different kinds of support and guidance for implementing legal in your business.

First, you'll watch step-by-step video guides that walk you through how to customize and use each legal documents in your business, quickly and easily.

Second, you'll find ongoing support in our Legal Road Map®® Facebook group. Lawyers in our firm, and your fellow students who've been in your shoes, are available to answer your questions about filling in your documents, or handling sticky legal situations.

But sometimes you just want to talk to a lawyer.  The biggest value in this package is your monthly office hours calls with our lawyers on Zoom.

You can ask your questions live, and get feedback on the spot.  Even if you can't join the monthly call, you can post your question in the Facebook group and we'll answer them on the call, which will be recorded for listening later.

No more wondering if you completed your legal documents the right way, if you really need a particular section, or how to respond to a student refund demand that doesn't fit your policy.  

You've got the go to law firm in legal for online businesses in your back pocket.

Cost for one-on-one legal advice from an experienced IP lawyer:  $375 / hour+

What you'll receive if you start today:

Legal Road Map® for Course Creators -

 1) Step-by-step legal plan for course creators:

$750 value

2) Website privacy policy document:

$1,500 value

3) Website terms and conditions document:

$1,500 value

4) Online course + membership + digital product terms of use document:

$3,000 value

5) Independent contractor document:

$3,000 value

6) Affiliate or referral program document:

$3,000 value

7) Guidance + Support:

minimum $375 value

TOTAL $13,125 value

Bonus #1: Protect your brand and content

 $3,000 value

Bonus #2: Student no pay swipe copy

$250 value

TOTAL $16,375 value

When you add up what it would cost to hire a lawyer for everything you'll receive, that's a

total value of $16,375.

But because I'm so excited to help you get your legal ducks in a row right away, I'm giving you the opportunity to access this brand new package today for a

special introductory price of just:

45 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Legal Road Map® for Course Creators is the first program of its kind that gives motivated course creators like you not only the legal tools and documents you need for your course business, but also the support to put them into place. 

When you join this program, you'll be part of an elite group that is so confident your business is worth protecting, you're willing to put in a little elbow grease to lock it down legally.

Unlike other programs, I don't expect you to trust me blindly that this combination of the right legal contracts and personal support will work for your particular business.

By the end of 45 days, you'll have had access to all five contract templates, all of the video guides, our Legal Road Map® Facebook group, and at least one live office hours call. 

If you've tried to implement at least two legal documents by the end of this period and found they just don't work for you, simply contact our Business Manager, Brooke, at info@awbfirm.com, show us your work and we'll refund your investment.  You can read our full guarantee in our Terms of Use here.


Emily Thompson - Being Boss podcast, Indie Shopography

When you’re a creative you learn that most “professionals” don’t know how to deal with our businesses, and it makes you afraid to trust anyone with your very personal business. Autumn has helped me kick my businesses up a notch—with truly professional, ass-covering contracts to protect me, my business, my customers, and my partners.

Questions our most successful members asked before snapping up their bundle

I don't even know where to start legally, will this help me?

I'm not sure I filled out my document the right way - how can I get help?

How do I know these documents will work for my creative business?

I don't live in Tennessee / the United States, can I use these documents?

How do I actually customize my documents?

What if the law changes, will you send me new documents?

How long will I have access to office hours and updated documents?

Can I share my document package with a friend?

How are these documents different from what I can buy from LegalZoom or another contract template shop?

Still undecided?

This bundle is for you if:

  • You sell online courses or other digital education products
  • You [gasp!] don't currently have contracts in place for your online course
  • You've pieced together agreements you've borrowed from friends over the years
  • You're ready to have peace of mind, knowing your online course is protected legally
  • You just finished your first course, and want to have your legal ducks in a row in place before you launch
  • You've been running a course business and putting off figuring out what you need to do legally for a while, and want to get this done the right way, once and for all
  • You're ready to put in a few hours of work to lock down your business legally
  • You know you'll be confident to make bigger plays in your business once your business is legally tight

If you said yes to at least four of the above,
I can't wait to meet you in the
Legal Road Map® for Course Creators
Resource Center!

Meet Autumn.

Hi there! I’m Autumn, a lawyer who helps 7-figure+ course creators lock down their content and brand to make sure their work stays exactly that - theirs.

My firm has helped Amy Porterfield, Chalene Johnson, Being Boss, Biddy Tarot, Boss Mom, and many more, build their online media companies, legally.

Now I’m sharing my best tools so you can do the same.

Odds are you didn’t go to law school, and you definitely don’t have time to get answers to your legal questions on Google. But you do need a strong legal foundation to make sure your course is set up for long-term success.

In the time it takes you to watch two episodes of your latest Netflix binge, our online course creator package can help you set up your course business legally - on your schedule, without the time and expense of hiring your own attorney.

I can't wait to help you build your dream business, legally.

I was about to release a new course and I worried that I didn't have the proper legal wording on my website. It was so easy to customize my templates with Autumn’s step-by-step video guides. I now feel confident that I have the right language in place to protect my business and my course if an issue ever comes up. PLUS, by purchasing the bundle, I gained access to the monthly group calls with Autumn, where I can ask any questions about the templates or my business in general. That alone is worth more than the price of the bundle. Thanks for all you do, AWB Firm!

Three Monthly Payments Plan:

  1. You will be directed to our payment processor and PayPal will process your first payment immediately upon purchasing.
  2. One month and two months after your first payment, the next installments will be automatically processed by PayPal.
  3. Please email our Business Manager at info@awbfirm.com with questions.

Autumn and her team are available for questions about customizing your documents, and to explain any legal terms you might not understand, in our Legal Road Map® Facebook group.  However, individual legal advice and research are not part of this package. 

The contract templates available here are for general use and do not constitute legal advice.  These templates are not customized to any state’s laws or regulations; you may hire a local attorney to review them or you may inquire about hiring the Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd PLLC by submitting an inquiry here.

The attorneys with the Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd PLLC do not provide legal advice or draft specific forms for a specific entity, individual or situation unless you hire us as your lawyers by signing a separate, written engagement agreement. Click here to view complete Terms and Conditions for Contract Templates.

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