45 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Legal Road Map® for Course Creators is the first program of its kind that gives motivated course creators like you not only the legal tools and documents you need for your course business, but also the support to put them into place. 

When you join this program, you'll be part of an elite group that is so confident your business is worth protecting, you're willing to put in a little elbow grease to lock it down legally.

Unlike other programs, I don't expect you to trust me blindly that this combination of the right legal contracts and personal support will work for your particular business.

By the end of 45 days, you'll have had access to all five contract templates, all of the video guides, our Legal Road Map® Facebook group, and at least one live office hours call. 

If you've tried to implement at least two legal documents by the end of this period and found they just don't work for you, simply contact our Business Manager, Brooke, at info@awbfirm.com, show us your work and we'll refund your investment.  You can read our full guarantee in our Terms of Use here.