3 Critical Legal Protections
Your Online Course Business Is Probably Missing

Masterclass by Lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd, Recorded April 4, 2019


I've taken everything I learned from working one-on-one with nearly 300 creative entrepreneurs (including rock stars like Amy Porterfield, Chalene Johnson, and Melyssa Griffin) and distilled it into a step-by-step road map to get your course business legally secure. ​

Not only does this package provide you with the five essential legal documents you need to protect your business, you also receive guidance to be sure you're using them the right way for your business.

This package isn't just going to teach you what you need to do.  It actually provides the tools you need to implement legal for your website, course, and collaborations.  

Yes, you'll learn the crucial legal steps and documents you need to take at each stage of building your course business.  But more importantly, you'll receive guides on how to fill out your legal documents the right way.  And, you'll get feedback from the go to lawyers in the online space, who will answer your questions and clear up any confusion about locking down your course, content, brand, and business.

The end result: You will have all of your legal ducks in a row, and you'll be ready to grow the profitable, sustainable business of your dreams.  

Customer Stories

"I was feeling overwhelmed by getting my online course business set up legally. The Legal Road Map® for Online Course Creators contract template bundle gave me confidence that the terms of use, privacy policy, and user agreement for my online course are all legally sound and will protect me and my business. And if I had questions, it was so easy to get answers either during the regular office hours calls or in the Legal Road Map® Facebook group. Thanks for all your help, Autumn!"

Michelle Hardman, The Primed Practice

Legal Road Map® to Protect Your Online Course is the only package of its kind that...

You'll know your online course has exactly the right protections in place right now for your stage of business, and have the tools to add more advanced protections as your business grows.

Don't worry about having to guess whether you're filling out your legal documents correctly.  Not only do your documents contain prompts to help you decide how to fill them out.  You'll also receive a video walk-through of each document that provides guidance about what each term means in plain English, how different types of businesses might fill in the blanks, and what sections might not apply to your business.

Even after watching the video guide and working through your documents on your own, you may still have questions:

Did I complete your documents correctly? 
Do I really need this paragraph?  
What does this legalese mean?

This is what truly sets this package apart.  You will have lifetime access to our lawyers for information about your legal documents, and answers to general legal questions to help you grow your business. 

When you work with most lawyers one-on-one, you have no idea what the final cost will be until the project is complete, when you receive their hourly bill.  With this package, you know the cost up front so you can budget and plan for it (and it's a fraction of what you would pay for custom versions of these documents plus getting your questions answered by an expert).

So if you're ready to button up your business legally, without confusion or lawyer fees that break the bank, here's how:

Every online course creator needs the same five legal safeguards, plus guidance to actually use them:

Step-by-step legal plan for course creators

Website privacy policy (required by law!)

Website terms and conditions & disclaimers

Online course, membership, and digital product terms of use - your contract with your students

Independent contractor agreement

Affiliate or Referral Program agreement

BONUS: Exclusive training and resources

BONUS: Resources for Non-Paying Students

Guidance + Support

Legal Road Map® to Protect Your Online Course

1) Step-by-step legal plan for course creators: $750 value

2) Website privacy policy document: $1,500 value

3) Website terms and conditions document: $1,500 value

4) Online course + membership + digital product terms of use document: $3,000 value

5) Independent contractor document: $3,000 value

6) Affiliate or referral program document: $3,000 value

7) Guidance + Support: minimum $375 value

Total $13,125 value

Bonus #1: Protect your brand and content - $3,000 value

Bonus #2: Student no pay swipe copy - $250 value

TOTAL VALUE: $16,375

When you add up what it would cost to hire a lawyer for everything you'll receive, that's a total value of $16,375.

Customer Stories

"When you’re a creative you learn that most “professionals” don’t know how to deal with our businesses, and it makes you afraid to trust anyone with your very personal business. Autumn has helped me kick my businesses up a notch—with truly professional, ass-covering contracts to protect me, my business, my customers, and my partners."

Emily Thompson, Being Boss

Meet Autumn.

Autumn and her team are available for questions about customizing your documents, and to explain any legal terms you might not understand, in our Legal Road Map® Facebook group.  However, individual legal advice and research are not part of this package. 

The contract templates available here are for general use and do not constitute legal advice.  These templates are not customized to any state’s laws or regulations; you may hire a local attorney to review them or you may inquire about hiring the Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd PLLC by submitting an inquiry here.

The attorneys with the Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd PLLC do not provide legal advice or draft specific forms for a specific entity, individual or situation unless you hire us as your lawyers by signing a separate, written engagement agreement. Click here to view complete Terms and Conditions for Contract Templates.